Why our customers work with us

Our customers work with us because we are trusted not to let them down and to deliver more than anyone else in the business.

It goes without saying that we maintain and repair electrical and mechanical equipment to the highest standards – our accreditations and awards are hard earned. one is more experienced or has more expertise in managing, maintaining and repairing plant, equipment and machinery.

But Deritend also brings the expertise to provide additional quantifiable benefits, adding real value to our customers’ businesses.

Real cost savings

Deritend’s solutions help our customers to save money. On average, our customers can make 20% cost savings – too good an opportunity to ignore in this or any economic climate.

By implementing and administering a complete bespoke asset management system, tailored to a customers’ individual requirements, we can reduce the need for reactive repairs to equipment and we can even help plant to work efficiently for longer. Both of these results can save significant repair and purchase costs.

In addition, Deritend’s solutions help our customers to avoid downtime, increasing productivity and avoiding penalties. We can also manage stock and find ways to make processes and systems more efficient, all of which contribute to some serious cost savings.

Ease of mind in our excellence

Our customers know that they are working with the most experienced and skilled engineers in the business. We have an in-depth, real understanding of the requirements of the sectors they operate, and our customers know that they can have confidence in our people.
The unrivalled knowledge of our business and our people ensures we can maintain and repair any part of your process. All of our engineering excellence is backed by a management team experienced in your business sector. Some of the biggest names in UK industry rely on Deritend and the consistent excellence of our performance.

Management control of your essential processes

We provide exceptional management expertise to assess, plan, programme and project manage the maintenance and repair of business critical equipment. Using bespoke systems and creating a tailored solution, we offer planned preventative maintenance that keeps track of every individual asset in your process.

The benefits that our customers can secure through this approach are significant:
– reducing the need for reactive repair
– avoiding downtime
– more intelligent use of stock
– more efficient processes and equipment.
All of these result ultimately in improved productivity and cost savings.

Risk minimisation

For many of our customers, the risk that their business’ wheels could stop turning must be negated as a top priority. Deritend’s asset management solution is the most effective way of making sure that your equipment runs smoothly and you – and your own customers – get the most out of your operations.

Our planned and preventative maintenance service cuts the risk of downtime through unplanned repairs as well as increasing the efficiency of mechanical and electrical operations.


Being responsible for keeping your engineering working means that Deritend is at the heart of your operations. As such, no-one is better placed to understand the environmental impact of your processes, or to know how to reduce it.

The nature of our asset management, maintenance and repair solutions gives our customers the opportunity to make a big difference to their environmental footprint.

In maintaining electrical and mechanical equipment to run at its peak, we can work with our customers to ensure energy and resources are being used effectively. Our industry-leading asset management service uses the latest technologies to help customers minimise energy usage of their processes on a larger scale.

Deritend - Our People

Deritend provides tailored services for organisations across a range of industries, delivering quantifiable benefits for organisations of all sizes and types.

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