Case Study Archive

Our portfolio of case studies outlines the way in which we have successfully worked with customers and the benefits that our integrated engineering asset management, repair, maintenance, consultancy and spare part services have delivered.

Case Study Archive

Award-Winning Pump Optimisation Solutions from Deritend

Date Posted: 12/07/16 Our client Severn Trent Water engaged with us to deliver real time pump and turbine network optimisation. The organisation’s Melbourne Area Network near Derby has always suffered from large variations in energy use and numerous historic investigations had not uncovered the reasons or best operating policies. With the start of the sixth Asset Management Period (AMP6) in 2015, companies such as Severn Trent are taking a longer term view on how costs should be saved. The company has... > More

Deritend Saves a Major Water Utility Over £500,000 per Annum

Date Posted: 09/05/16 Background In a bid to identify improvements to its operational efficiency, one of our clients, the largest listed water company in the UK turned to Deritend to explore the benefits of a new fixed pump efficiency monitoring and asset management platform.   Our approach to pump asset management encompasses innovative & patented technology, alongside countless years of experience in pump repairs & refurbishments from Deritend to provide a truly 360° approach to pump asset... > More

Expert Solutions from Deritend Solve Lasting Problem

Date Posted: 07/12/15 Using a patented system, we solved a lasting problem at one of our client's pumping stations This consists of three variable speed pumps supplying raw water from a reservoir, direct to the Water Treatment Works. We were asked to test the pumps as part of a wider programme across many sites for our client. At the reservoir, two pumps had different manufacturers to the third and as such could not be assumed to operate in the same way. The variable drives were also obsolete and, prior to... > More

Emergency Surgery Keeps Operating Theatre Going

Date Posted: 17/11/15 At Deritend, we understand the importance of getting our customers back up and running as soon as possible. Increased downtime can result in lost production, lost business and worst of all, losing money. However, few emergency breakdowns have been more critical than this. The client in question was a major hospital in the United Kingdom, and when the air handling unit in theatre seven broke down, we knew the importance of getting them back up and running as soon as possible. We received... > More

The Benefits of Re-Engineering Ageing Pump Assets

Date Posted: 06/11/15 With nearly 120 years operations in the United Kingdom, we have considerable experience in the supply, installation, refurbishment, testing and commissioning of drive motors, pumping equipment and gearboxes for a wide variety of applications within the Water, Power & Industrial sectors. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the plant availability, efficiency and reduce the total cost of ownership for our clients. We also continually look for innovative solutions to increase the... > More

Asset Optimisation Reduces Downtime at Major Steel Manufacturer

Date Posted: 01/10/15 Recently, Deritend were contacted by a major steel manufacturer after a ESR brush contactor had overheated, burning the support insulation and copper brush tails, urgently requesting the problem to be rectified. The steel manufacturer fitted a new OEM arc head assembly, and after approximately 16 melts this head also overheated causing insulation and copper tail failure, Deritend were asked to rebuild a new head with new manufactures components and an original head frame and incorporated new... > More