Our Services

Deritend deliver an integrated range of specialist engineering services, providing tailored, strategic support for every customer. We proactively manage, maintain and repair electrical and mechanical industrial installations to realise real business benefits.
Unlike companies that simply supply and fit replacement parts, we have the engineering expertise to identify and design out failures and configure best-in-class solutions to improve operational efficiencies, reduce costs and minimise energy consumption. We can design bespoke installations for most applications and install, test and maintain all supporting electronic systems.  
We provide UK manufacturers with value-adding specialist engineering services.

Motor Services

We have a vast experience with all makes of electrical motors and can rewind, repair and overhaul motors and generators

Pump Services

Deritend offer a wide range of pump related services from on-site repair & full efficiency refurbishments to portable & fixed efficiency testing...

Gearbox Services

Our proven gearbox solutions encompass removal, repair, testing and installation; part manufacturing; laser alignment; condition monitoring and analysis.

Machine Shop Services

Our machine shop carries out turning, boring, milling, radial drilling, internal and external grinding, internal slotting, equipment manufacture, fabrication and specialist coatings.

Fabrication Services

Deritend has the welding and fabrication capabilities to design and manufacture high quality steel structures to customer specifications.

Induction Services

We manufacture OEM parts; supply and repair coils, power cables, lamination packs, insulation, furnace blocks and other equipment and re-engineer existing installations.

Condition Monitoring

Deritend provides a dedicated range of services to industry, utilising the latest advancements in this specialist field, Deritend's engineers can detect potential defects in plant equipment, prior to their costly failure.

Mechanical & Electrical Contracting

Contracting services can be provided to allow our specialists to work on-site at customer locations to deliver cost-effective longer term frameworks or contract support.


In the event of a complete failure, sometimes the most cost efficient solution is to replace the product entirely. At Deritend, we understand the need for cost-efficient, quality products, which is why we work closely with a range of OEMs to get the best product for the best price.

Special Projects

We can work with you to create and develop prototype electric motors, providing technical assistance and full development support