We are committed to ensuring that our business and those of our customers operate in the most environmentally responsible manner.
Deritend is positioned firmly at the forefront of engineering asset management, maintenance and repair in the UK. As such, we understand the importance for our own business and those of our customers to operate in the most environmentally responsible manner.
In order to support our own drive towards greener manufacturing, we have introduced robust environmental processes throughout our organisation. We continually review everything from procurement and packaging to recycling and transportation and insist on reusing materials wherever possible in order to minimise the waste that we produce.
We also continually seek ways in which to reduce energy consumption and the amount of waste we produce, recently renewing the BS EN ISO 14001 accreditation, the recognised standard for Environmental Management Systems. This ensures that we comply fully with the environmental legislation, regulations and codes of practice relating to the markets in which we operate.
Externally, we help our clients to improve their environmental performance. Our engineers specialise in maintaining business critical electrical and mechanical industrial equipment and can work with our customers to maximise operational output and reduce their overall energy consumption.


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