We place the intelligent application of information technology at the heart of all Deritend operations and services.

Using relevant, tailored information technologies enables us to lead the field of electrical and mechanical equipment management and maintenance.

This in turn allows us to deliver the highest standards in quality and value, and the greatest benefits for Deritend customers. It helps us to provide:

  • A highly efficient service, which is directly translated into excellent value for customers
  • Seamless, fast and reliable delivery of high quality solutions
  • Total transparency of activities, costs and project status for our customers
  • Expertly trained and qualified management and engineering teams
  • Our Asset Management service to help customers improve their operational productivity, equipment usage and maintenance programme.

Deritend has worked with software development specialists to create a bespoke Asset Management technology, ClearView. ClearView helps us to keep valuable, up-to-date records of information and data on the work we carry out. We not only use the system as a secure tool in managing operations and customer contracts, we also use it to help us assess and evaluate the asset management and maintenance needs of our customers. It is through this process that we can identify trends and advise our customers on:

  • Greater cost and energy efficiency in the use and maintenance of equipment;
  • Improving the efficiency of production;
  • Reducing the risk of operational downtime; and
  • Planning preventative maintenance activity to minimise impact on operations.

Deritend places high value on our strong and transparent relationships, and through ClearView our customers can log in to access information securely about our work for them. This enables customers to have secure and instant access to the live status of maintenance and repair activity, as well as key contract management information.



The intelligent application of technology spans across our business, giving customers confidence and peace of mind. We use Octopus software to monitor the training and qualification status of each Deritend employee, ensuring that our people are – and they stay – the best in the business. It also helps us to make sure that you have the most suitable team of specialists working to keep your electrical and mechanical equipment running smoothly.