Deritend is in a privileged position – our work makes a real difference to the environment. We help the UK to run more smoothly, to operate more efficiently, and we help our customers to use energy and natural resources more economically.

Committed to playing a leading role in industry’s efforts to minimise environmental impact, Deritend has made this an integral part of all services and processes.

We are making sure that the legacy we leave is a positive one, and we work closely with our customers to help them do the same.

Helping our customers to minimise the environmental impact of their operations

Being responsible for keeping your engineering working means that Deritend is at the heart of your operations. As such, no-one is better placed to understand the environmental impact of your processes, or to know how to reduce it.

The nature of our asset management, maintenance and repair solutions gives our customers the opportunity to make a big difference to their environmental footprint.

In maintaining electrical and mechanical equipment to run at its peak, we can work with our customers to ensure energy and resources are being used effectively. Our industry-leading asset management service uses the latest technologies to help customers minimise energy usage of their processes on a larger scale.

How we minimise our own environmental impact

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, from procurement and the processes in our own facilities, to transport and our work on our customers’ sites. All Deritend operations have a sharp focus on the waste hierarchy – reducing, re-using, recycling and recovering materials wherever possible, and continuously improving energy consumption.

We have a robust environmental management system in place and the business is certified to BS.EN.ISO14001: 2004, complying with all applicable environmental legislation, regulations, codes of practice and standards of relevance to the industries in which we operate.

Sustainability Certifications