We are committed to ensuring that our business and those of our customers operate in the most responsible manner.

It is our aim to remove or reduce the risks to the Health & Safety of all our employees, contractors and visitors and anyone else who may be affected by our business operations and ensure all activities are carried out safely. Deritend’s circular economy system goal is to keep parts, products and materials circulating to their highest value state of use, as long as possible and maximise the company’s available resources.

Using these principles we have identified opportunities for the business to grow and diversify by:-

•  Protecting environment and our natural resources.
•  Producing less waste to landfill.
•  Lowering the costs with raw materials.
•  Stimulating products and supply chain innovation

We are committed to continued environmental improvement by implementing robust environmental management systems accredited to ISO 14001 and ensuring sufficient resources are made available to implement this policy.

While supporting the business service, the principal quality objective is to ensure customer satisfaction and continual improvement in the level of service provision. The Deritend Group is committed to the attainment of these goals and the development of quality through our registration to BS EN ISO 9001. We aim to develop a company culture that places the utmost emphasis on the quality of service we provide to our customers.

The Deritend Group are also members of the Association of Electrical & Mechanical Trades (AEMT), and the Electro-Mechanical Authority (EASA). As part of these important groups we prepare for a more sustainable future and aim take advantage of the green movement.

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