Asset Optimisation Results in Reduced Downtime

Recently, Deritend were contacted by a major steel manufacturer after a ESR brush contactor had overheated, burning the support insulation and copper brush tails, urgently requesting the problem to be rectified.

The steel manufacturer fitted a new OEM arc head assembly, and after approximately 16 melts this head also overheated causing insulation and copper tail failure, Deritend were asked to rebuild a new head with new manufactures components and an original head frame and incorporated new temperature sensors.

As part of our continuous service, an inspection process was proposed & requested for Deritend to inspect the furnace.  This inspection took place after every 16 melts (based on the original breakdown time) and a report was provided to the customer after each visit detailing areas of early stage faults.

During inspection a special Deritend manufactured frame is fitted in the furnace to allow safe and easy access. When safe and easy access has been established, the ram is then cleaned, inspected, contacts cleaned, bushes tested, temperatures checked and any hot spots identified.

Parts changed as required, and thanks to our 360° approach to optimising asset performance, over the last 3 years inspection rates have reduced to a Deritend inspection now every 60 melts.  This process of inspection has ensured a cost saving through reduced downtime, which leads to an increase in production, enabling customer orders to be met and exceeded on time.

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