Making Our Customers Competitive

A leading automotive client of ours prides itself on its pioneering engineers and designers, consistently opening new doors and overcoming new boundaries.

Our work with one of the world’s best known motor manufacturers has played an important role in both these agendas, helping the business to maintain its role as automotive industry pioneer, while also supporting its bottom line by improving operational efficiency and energy consumption.The plant in is a crucial part of the manufacturing set up, producing body panels for the brand. It is of high importance to our client that this facility can be relied upon to deliver the highest quality product in as efficiently and productively as possible. Ensuring that the plant’s equipment runs smoothly with minimal downtime is central to the operations of both the plant and the Group.

Motor Management

We were appointed to a motor management contract in 2011, in order to provide ongoing maintenance services at the plant in Swindon. Deritend’s appointment was due in no small part to the business’ long and proven track record working on contracts of this nature, and its reputation for provision of the highest quality and real value.

Our work includes the supply and installation of new motors, the creation of a comprehensive motor register, repairing motor equipment including a 24/7 emergency repair service, as well as manufacture of bespoke parts and equipment at another specialist automotive manufacturing plant in another part of the United Kingdom.

This work enables the the plant to continue operating smoothly and efficiently, reliably fulfilling its crucial role in the wider production process. As part of our partnership, we have permanently stationed a highly qualified engineer at one of their UK facilities. This not only facilitates the delivery of the day to day work required as part of the motor management contract including ongoing equipment analysis and scheduled maintenance, it also helps our client and us to work closely together to optimise the efficiency of the operations and production line.

Applying Intelligence

The support that we provide at the plant in terms of repair and maintenance is critical, but the business also uses its experience and expertise to apply intelligence to management and maintenance of the assets, adding real value for our client.

To deliver the best solutions and value on any contract, we take steps to truly understand the business, its processes and ways of working – a resolution that is facilitated by the full-time placement of our engineer on site.

Using industry-leading technologies including, our tailored Asset Management solutions enable Deritend to provide the BMW Group with planned, preventative maintenance programmes that keeps track of individual assets. It also enables us to identify maintenance trends and detect areas for greater efficiency, supporting our client in making the best plant and equipment decisions.

We have played a key role in proactively seeking to improve processes and driving efficiency at the plant, as well as delivering motor management to the highest quality and at excellent value. The result is a more efficient and productive operational process that runs smoothly and reliably, leading to reduced costs and improved energy efficiency.

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