Solutions for Emergency Generator Failure

“Thanks very much for giving this the attention that we needed and affecting a repair which I know gave you some challenges with the age of the machine and the lack of OEM information. To return a piece of equipment of this nature following ‘major surgery’ and for it to go back into service first time without issue is a great achievement.”

We worked with a refinery in the south of England, providing a range of onsite maintenance and repair services for electrical and mechanical equipment. Via a strategic maintenance programme, we helped to ensure safety while minimising downtime and need for repair. It also enabled the client to make significant cost and efficiency savings.

Generator Failure

Our experience and expertise proved invaluable to the client when an equipment failure threatened to derail operations. A generator failure required swift action from us. The 5MW generator was used to help power the plant, so it had to be repaired quickly, efficiently and safely for the plant to remain online at full function. Without power from the generator, the client was forced to purchase expensive energy directly from the National Grid.
Upon arrival at the scene, our highly trained and experienced engineers were able to identify the problem and quickly determined the best solution.

The generator was removed from the plant and fully repaired off site, working 24/7 in our operations at Luton and Wolverhampton. This was done in parallel to reduce lead time, then returned and installed in full working order. The benefits of this quick and efficient repair were clear for the client. Having the plant’s turbines functioning to their full capacity was vital to the energy efficiency of the plant and to the company’s balance sheets. Our efficient repair relieved the significant financial burden of purchasing energy. The smooth running of machinery is integral to the efficiency and profitably of a refinery like our client’s, so it is imperative that the very best support is available. With our efficiency and experience, The plant was back up and running with as little disruption to function and finances as possible.

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